Shiv auspiciousness

Shiv means auspiciousness.

Unkempt, smeared with ash from funeral pyres, having poisonous snakes crawling on body, scorpions as ear rings, walking alone in deserted lonely forests n mountains, ghosts n wild animals as company, but still epitomizes auspiciousness and is lord of all three worlds, because Parvati desired Him as Her husband n wed Him.

Oh there is no end to Maiyya’s glories. A mere sweet glance of Hers can make one surrounded by inauspicuosness , into Mahadeva, god of god’s n Shiv, auspiciousness Himself.
Bhagwan is but a creation of bhakths.
God is but a creation of devotees.

God exists because of devotees only.
When a devotee goes, or devotion goes, then so does God.
Har har Parvati.