Shuklacharya – ancient yoga, vedic philosophy, tantra

Shuklacharya- master guide to ancient yoga, vedic philosophy, tantra, is recognized and counted amongst the top spiritual leaders in contemporary India.
Shukl’acharya hails from a family of renowned ayurvedic physicians, vedic scholars.and yogis.
Shukl Pulakranjan, better known as Shukl’acharya, has also had a cosmopolitan upbringing and exposed to international culture through modern education and travels abroad. along side contemporary education.
Shukl’acharya – master guide to ancient yoga, vedic philosophy, tantra, took to ancient Indian yoga and other spiritual practices since 1979′ under the guidance of esteemed enlightened masters of India, especially of Uttarakhand.
Shukl’acharya – “I was strongly influenced by his proximity to the Himalayan Masters from a young age, spending time in my adolescent years learning India’s ancient spiritual sciences.”
Shukl’acharya’s association with the masters of Uttarakhand Himalayas, helped him unravel the deeper meaning of ancient Indian yoga, Ayurveda and its relevance in contemporary life.
Shukl’acharya – master guide to ancient yoga, vedic philosophy, tantra,  uses his 40 years of practice to guide  students in  a very scientific way.
For example when teaching yoga, not only explaining just the postures, other techniques and philosophy, but also the modifications, frequency, duration, point of concentration and the associated mantra.
Shukl’acharya conducted his courses at Bhimtal, in a retreat founded by Shukl’acharya himself.
More about Shukl’acharya
Shukl’acharya, has been teaching ancient Indian spirituality  since September 1979. covering Ancient Yoga Vedic Philosophy Tantra
He has taught over twenty thousand number of hours.  He has conducted over a thousand numbers of trainings. Location of trainings Informally part time New Delhi, 1979 to 1983. Informally part time Hyderabad 1984 to 1997 Informally part time Bhimtal 1997 to 2002 Formally full time Bhimtal 2003 and continuing. Also formally & intermittently at SF 71 DLF Galleria Gurgaon .(rented studio from 2006 till 2008’)
Shukl’acharya’s teaching curriculum covers the following areas.
The following is the range of teaching and does not imply that within the span of the limited time course all subjects mentioned beneath would be covered.
Ancient yoga discipline. Padmasana series, vajrasana series, pawanmukta series. Also, in-depth teaching of forward bending asanas, backward bending asanas as well as supine, spinal twists, balancing and standing postures. depending on the ability of the student.
Ancient yoga discipline -Pranayama: Anulom viloma,Nadi shodhana, Bhasrika, ujjayyi, bhraamari, etc depending on the ability of the student. Ancient yoga discipline -Shadkarma: theory only, – jal neti, kunjal, jal basti, trataka agnisar kriya, nauli, and kapalbhati
Vedic Philosophy – Knowledge: essence from Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta  Yoga sutras of Paatanjali Hatha yoga pradeepika Basic ayurveda- 5 elements, 3 dosha, 6 tastes. Understanding of balancing through food, lifestyle, and yoga practice. Role of understanding anatomy and physiology in yoga practice..
Tantra, the right and left approaches to to tantra. Its use for worldly and/ or spiritual progress.
Shukl’acharya (centre back) with Indian spiritual leaders at Guru Sangamam in N.Delhi in April 2012
Shuklacharya – master guide to ancient yoga, vedic philosophy, tantra