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Shiv auspiciousness

Shiv means auspiciousness.

Unkempt, smeared with ash from funeral pyres, having poisonous snakes crawling on body, scorpions as ear rings, walking alone in deserted lonely forests n mountains, ghosts n wild animals as company, but still epitomizes auspiciousness and is lord of all three worlds, because Parvati desired Him as Her husband n wed Him.

Oh there is no end to Maiyya’s glories. A mere sweet glance of Hers can make one surrounded by inauspicuosness , into Mahadeva, god of god’s n Shiv, auspiciousness Himself.
Bhagwan is but a creation of bhakths.
God is but a creation of devotees.

God exists because of devotees only.
When a devotee goes, or devotion goes, then so does God.
Har har Parvati.

Freedom From Fear

Shukl’acharya master guide to ancient yoga, vedic philosophy, tantra, recognized and counted amongst the top spiritual leaders in contemporary India, is addressing Boulderites on Sunday 4th December at Arapahoe Room, Main Boulder Library from 4:30 to 6 pm.

The topic is how to gain freedom from fear. To know, recognize, accept our fears – be it fear of concerns regarding healthcare, terror attacks, job loss or loss of a relationship- and gain freedom from such fears.

As there are very limited seats, please email soonest, to book your place.





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