Maja Micevska Yoga teacher Zurich

For those looking for a yoga teacher Zurich –
have with them -Maja Micevska – your yoga teacher in Zurich Switzerland

Shuklacharya's yoga exponent in Zurich Switzerland

Maja – Yoga Teacher Zurich

has been certified as yoga teacher with 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training by Shukl’acharya in November 2012′.

Maja has learnt as well as satisfactorily mastered most of the basic and intermediate classic yoga postures and can teach the same to those enrolled in her class.

Maja knows the Pancha Shrankhla, the five series of hatha yoga asana which cover the forward bending asana, backward bending asana, sitting and supine asana, balancing, inverted and spinal twist asana. These series allows for a uniform pranic flow within the body.

Maja has also learnt the basic pranayama techniques of anuloma viloma, and nadi shodhana.

Maja has gone through the role and significance of ethics (Yama & Niyama) as a prerequisite for Hatha yoga practitioners

Maja has studied selected chapters of the Vedic philosophy in Bhagwad Geeta under Shukl’acharya’s  guidance.

Maja can provide guidance into meditation through steps of anulom vilom and also through mantra chanting.

Maja’s sincerity and determined pursuit of her chosen goal is worth emulating.

We wish Maja the very best for her yoga teaching. We highly recommend her.

Maja Micevska, Switzerland (