Maja Micevska

Maja Micevska from Strumica Macedonia

I came to Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre in October 2012. to the beginning of a great journey..

My stay here was six weeks. For that time I had great opportunity and fortune to begin my path of yoga. As time passed,so I learned more and more about asanas,philosophy of yoga ,meditation.At the same time learned and enjoyed everyday with yoga.Before coming to Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre I had a little fear,but my intuition said that Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre was the right place.I got more than I expected.

A place where you feel just positive vibrations, joyful faces, calm, love, happiness,and safe atmosphere. All you need here is to relax and enjoy life’s harmony. You have the chance to discover more of yourself,to increase the faith, to develop a strong inner dimension and to be happy and grateful about life.

With time here I felt like I’m home,like I was here before,Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre in Himalaya definitely became my second home. In just a short time one knows what it is to to feel divine,to feel life in full. In one moment I felt that everything here is magical. Feeling like I dreamed with open eyes.

There is a wonderful view from Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre in Himalaya ,a lot of beautiful peaks ,everything  green and vivid, awesome morning sunrise, a touching sunshines. All day and night I heard a beautiful nature songs from birds and thousand crickets,they did the best nature music for soul,song which touch u. Special place full with positive energy.

My teacher Shukl’acharya and Samrita are wonderful people.I’m so grateful and happy to God who allowed me to meet them. Happy because “fell” here,and learn about yoga,wisdom,humanity,spirituality,about life from my teacher. The both I felt like part of me,like family. Always for everything  they were here.They are a pair  full with  peace,joy,wisdom,understanding,love and education. Thanks to them for my change in life.

Everyone from staff was very kind,good and everytime on service.Rooms were very comfortable,clean and harmony.

Ayurveda vegetarian food was very delicious ,for me new different cousine ,what I’ll never forget. I ate with joy,enjoyed in every cooked piece. Desserts from Samrita were perfectly,so sweet what you wish more from one :).

Here I had chance to attend on fire ceremony followed with meditations,one wonderful experience. Everything what happened here help me to open my heart ,and most of all to feel life state of happiness which start and never stops..

It was awesome experience for me,and to everyone who wants to gain with new views of  life ,new feeling, or be part of the yoga fraternity I deeply reccomend this place. Actually if you read this ,you are meant to be here (so was I) 🙂

For me that was the piece of my life puzzle,which one now is completly and constant.

Thanks a lot for everything to my teacher Shukl’acharya and Samrita,and people around them.I know that I’ll come back for sure here.

Best regards



Maya (Maja Micevska)


Maja Micevska