Jennifer Earl

Yoga Teacher & Vedic Lifestyle Counselor, Woga Woga New South Wales Australia

Yoga teacher Wagga Wagga New South Wales, Australia.

Yoga teacher Wagga Wagga New South Wales, Australia.

Jennifer Earl is a qualified Dietitian & has been studying and practicing healthy living, diet, & exercise for over 17 years.

She spent almost 5 months staying at Satvik Sadan, between August and December 2009. During her stay she completed the four month Shuklacharya’s Satvik course for Yoga teacher & Vedic lifestlye counsellor training. and greatly deepened her knowledge & understanding of the ancient tradition of Yoga.

She is now qualified as a Yoga Teacher & Vedic Lifestyle Counsellor.

She can offer teaching of the theory & practical aspects of classic Hatha Yoga to an advanced level, including:
Asana ~ the use of yoga postures for general practise & for therapeutic purposes
Pranayama ~ the different types of Pranayama and their uses including Anulom Velom, Nadi Shodan, Kapala Bati, Bhastrika and Brahmari
Bandha & Mudra
Shatkarma ~ therapeutic use of specific yogic cleansing practises: Basti, Vamun Dhauti, Agnisar Kriya, Sutra Neti & Shankh Prakshaalan
Dhyaan ~ Yoga Nidra & Nada Anusandhan

Jennifer Earl has learnt mantra chanting & can conduct Mantra Yoga sessions of ‘Om Namaha Shivaye’

Jennifer learnt the basic aspects of using Ayurveda in daily life & can offer guidance of how to balance the elements of one’s constitution by using foods, yogasanas & lifestyle.

She was trained by Samrita in Satvik & Ayurvedic Cuisine and the role of diet in maintaining balance & well being.

She can offer guidance to introduce & maintain a Satvik Lifestyle which is grounded in her studies of the Bhagavad Gita, Ayurvedic philosophy & Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

She attended Agnihotra, fire ceremony and practiced Bhakti yoga for her stay & can offer guidance on the importance of ritual in Yoga practice & everyday healthy living.

Jennifer Earl is available online for counselling, diet advice and any further information or queries of therapies.
She is a qualified dietitian Registered in the USA and UK as well.
She looks forward in using her knowledge from both the Western medical sciences and holistic Ayurveda in tayloring an individualized diet, lifestyle and asana routine to best fit in with your lifestyle and beliefs – as no one person is the same.
Please contact her at email: (facebook: please type her a message)
skype: jenearl80