Yoga Teacher Training 200


Under direct guidance from Shuklacharya, a globally acknowledged master

For those looking at building up on their existing practices and experience to demonstrate and guide others in performance of yogic techniques.

Shukl’acharya uses his 36 years of practice to guide a student in  a very scientific way. Explaining not only the postures, other techniques and philosophy, but also the modifications, frequency, duration, point of concentration and the associated mantra. Based on the above a certificate is issued mentioning the same.

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yoga teacher training India

Time : write to us for scheduled dates and availability

Shukl’acharya conducts his courses at Satvik Sadan Bhimtal, a retreat founded by Shukl’acharya himself. As the rooms in the retreat are now booked for other plans, those attending his courses are expected to find accommodation from a variety of nearby hotels and houses on rent.

You can opt to directly send an e-mail at our contact to seek any additional information. If you wish you can fill up and submit the form beneath. All information would be treated as secure and private and shall not be shared with any external party.

Former students’ messages and information on Shukl’acharya follows:

Valerie Moselle – Santa Cruz ” USA

“I had the great honor of studying with Shukl’acharya and his wife Samrita at the Satvik Mode in Gurgaon, Haryana in 2006.  My family spent just under 6 months outside Delhi in Gurgaon where my husband was working.  I had been teaching yoga in the States for upwards of 5 years, and had always wanted to come to India practice and study.  Despite my exposure in the States, I had never felt drawn to the teachers with whom most Americans travel to India to study.  Also, because we were living in India for work rather than on a pilgrimage, I was limited to yoga teachers I could find in the developing and changing area outside of Delhi where we lived.  Little did I know I would be so fortunate. In Shukl’acharya and Samrita I was blessed to have found wonderful, sincere, and knowledgeable teachers.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to any student of yoga, experienced or novice.


As Shukl’acharya’s student I spent a little over three months in daily dialog and practice, and developed what I hope will be a continuing mentor-ship for years to come.  I was taken on as a student after a careful interview process during which I had to demonstrate my openness to the teachings and the changes the Shuklas might recommend to my lifestyle including diet as well as practice —for true yoga involves every aspect of living.  The majority of my training took place during the first month, when I spent often around 3 hours a day at the Satvik Mode practicing asana, pranayama and chanting, as well as discussing the philosophy of yoga.  The remainder of our time together was less formal, and flowed as a continued overseeing of my practice over the following months, and an ongoing discussion about the application of yogic techniques to my particular life circumstances as a mother, woman and teacher in the West. Shukl’acharya was careful to incorporate my  entire family into my practice and to keep their needs as well as my own in mind in his recommendations.  In my 15 years of experience with yoga I have found this a rare quality.  In the West we often teach what works for us, rather than what might work for the individual before us.


Shukl’acharya and Samita shared several meals with my family.  From them I learned much about caring for the body through food, and preparing the body for higher consciousness with diet.  I have never felt so physically balanced as when I have been able to observe these teachings carefully and thoroughly.

As time passes I continue to refer both to my notes and to my memory of my time as a student of Shukl’acharya.  I remember my lessons as flowing, rather than structured.  We had many conversations, and shared practice together as well.  At the time, though I was absorbing a tremendous amount of concentrated information, I wasn’t able to see clearly exactly how it was shaping my understanding of yoga, or how it would effect me upon returning home.  Yoga in India is very different from what we have come to know as a ‘yoga class’ in the States.  Looking back, it’s as if the teachings I received from the Shuklas simply seeped into my pores.  When I practice, refer to practice, or teach, sparks from my lessons in Gurgaon surface and emerge.  Sometimes they are jewels of understanding I didn’t even know I had, but that I recognize from my precious time with these inspiring yogis.”

Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre near Bhimtal is both lovely, and conducive to health and wellness. I was fortunate enough to spend a few comfortable days there with my family. We received Ayurvedic massage treatments, complimentary tea brewed from Tulsi grown just outside our rooms, and served delicious satvik meals. A memorable highlight was the traditional fire ceremony at dusk.

Whether a student of yoga, or a traveler looking for a unique and restful experience in India, I highly recommend Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre .

Moselle Valerie

Wendy Billie, former Director Training at Pfizer, Washington, USA. She was at The Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre from January 17th 2008 to February 17th 2008, for the Yoga Teacher & Vedic Lifestyle Counsellor Training programme.
“When I discovered the Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre during an email search, I intuitively felt it was the perfect place to pursue my yoga teacher training. And even before my arrival to India, the sincerity of communication I received from the Satvik validated my intuition.
I was not only welcomed as a guest at the Satvik, but soon I realized that the yoga training immersed me into a new lifestyle and I felt at home and comforted in this Northern India retreat.
I was fortunate in that I received intense spiritual training into the ancient traditions of yoga and ayurveda by the owner and guru of the Satvik;.
So, whether I was giving thanks and praise to the sun during morning yoga in the rose garden, cooking in the kitchen with the staff as we jointly prepared meals that were best for my unique body constitution, or when I was receiving blessings from an elderly man who became known as the “feather healer”…each moment I cherished and learned ways to find my inner peace and strength.
The members of the staff touched my heart with their kindness and the yoga training I received reenergized my soul and it was during this experience that I felt healthier and more spiritually awakened than I had in years. At different times in life, we all realize the importance of peace and I recommend the Satvik to anyone who wants to not only wants to become certified in yoga training, but who is willing to step out of their normal routine and work with a yogi and staff that teaches you ways to make peace a part of each day by honoring and respecting your body, mind, and spirit. Om Shanti. “

Wendy Billie

Jaqueline Maree George, Yoga Teacher NSW Australia 220 Soldiers Pt Rd, Salamander Bay, NSW Australia 2317. phonen +61 409 503509
She was here from 18th April 2009 to 15th May 2009′ Her son Luke George is the famous motorcycle racing champion.

Being drawn to yoga and mediatation for a few years now, I was offered to teach the yoga classes in town and to take over from my local teacher as she planned to be abroad for a couple of years.
While I was happy to take up this offer, I felt I needed to bolster my knowldge and experience of yoga by taking up a proper training programme. I lloked up yoga centres in India naturally. Though Ipicked up Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre as it made the most sense to me, my well wishers were wary of my choosing a yoga centre simply based on the website and guest comments.
Having completed a month’s training programme, I wish to share my experience with others planning a trip to Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre, a place I fully recommend to anyone wishing to be there for any programme on offer. I assure you that you’ll be cared for whatever your need is, in the most comfortable, professional, caring and picturesque surroundings.
I knew my yoga teacher training programme was going to be more than just the basics Even before my arrival, any cocerns about he course or safety of travel were tken care of to the highest possible standard. The high level of personal care remained at all times during my stay, from food, comfort, education, wonderful staff and amazing nearby trips.I have only praise.
Shukl’acharya and Samrita took me in as part of their wonderful family. It is not just a livelihood for them, it is a way of life. They let you in their life with history, customs, endless knowledge going back thousands of years.
Yes, you go home very confident in your yoga asanas and knowledge of yoga to teach, Shukla Acharya makes sure of that, but also a small part of the ancent Vedic civilization goes home with you, which no money can buy.


Jaqueline Maree George

Maja Micevska from Strumica Macedonia

I came to Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre in October 2012. to the beginning of a great journey..

My stay here was six weeks. For that time I had great opportunity and fortune to begin my path of yoga. As time passed,so I learned more and more about asanas,philosophy of yoga ,meditation.At the same time learned and enjoyed everyday with yoga.Before coming to Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre I had a little fear,but my intuition said that Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre was the right place.I got more than I expected.

A place where you feel just positive vibrations, joyful faces, calm, love, happiness,and safe atmosphere. All you need here is to relax and enjoy life’s harmony. You have the chance to discover more of yourself,to increase the faith, to develop a strong inner dimension and to be happy and grateful about life.

With time here I felt like I’m home,like I was here before,Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre in Himalaya definitely became my second home. In just a short time one knows what it is to to feel divine,to feel life in full. In one moment I felt that everything here is magical. Feeling like I dreamed with open eyes.

There is a wonderful view from Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre in Himalaya ,a lot of beautiful peaks ,everything  green and vivid, awesome morning sunrise, a touching sunshines. All day and night I heard a beautiful nature songs from birds and thousand crickets,they did the best nature music for soul,song which touch u. Special place full with positive energy.

My teacher Shukl’acharya and Samrita are wonderful people.I’m so grateful and happy to God who allowed me to meet them. Happy because “fell” here,and learn about yoga,wisdom,humanity,spirituality,about life from my teacher. The both I felt like part of me,like family. Always for everything  they were here.They are a pair  full with  peace,joy,wisdom,understanding,love and education. Thanks to them for my change in life.

Everyone from staff was very kind,good and everytime on service.Rooms were very comfortable,clean and harmony.

Ayurveda vegetarian food was very delicious ,for me new different cousine ,what I’ll never forget. I ate with joy,enjoyed in every cooked piece. Desserts from Samrita were perfectly,so sweet what you wish more from one :).

Here I had chance to attend on fire ceremony followed with meditations,one wonderful experience. Everything what happened here help me to open my heart ,and most of all to feel life state of happiness which start and never stops..

It was awesome experience for me,and to everyone who wants to gain with new views of  life ,new feeling, or be part of the yoga fraternity I deeply reccomend this place. Actually if you read this ,you are meant to be here (so was I) 🙂

For me that was the piece of my life puzzle,which one now is completly and constant.

Thanks a lot for everything to my teacher Shukl’acharya and Samrita,and people around them.I know that I’ll come back for sure here.

Best regards



Maya (Maja Micevska)


Maja Micevska

About Shukl’acharya

Shukl’acharya, has been teaching ancient Indian yoga since September 1979.

He has taught over twenty thousand number of hours.  He has conducted over a thousand numbers of trainings.

Location of trainings

Informally part time New Delhi, 1979 to 1983.

Informally part time Hyderabad 1984 to 1997

Informally part time Bhimtal 1997 to 2002

Formally full time Bhimtal 2003 to present day.

Also formally & intermittently at SF 71 DLF Galleria Gurgaon .(rented by Satvik Sadan from 2006 till 2008’) during the period 2006 to 2008 at yoga studio, The Satvik Mode

Shukl’acharya’s teaching curriculum covers the following areas.

The following is the range of teaching and does not imply that within the span of the 17 days course all subjects mentioned beneath would be covered.

Yoga discipline. Padmasana series, vajrasana series, pawanmukta series. Also, in-depth teaching of forward bending asanas, backward bending asanas as well as supine, spinal twists, balancing and standing postures. depending on the ability of the student.

Pranayama: Anulom viloma,Nadi shodhana, Bhasrika, ujjayyi, bhraamari, etc depending on the ability of the student.

Shadkarma: theory only, – jal neti, kunjal, jal basti, trataka agnisar kriya, nauli, and kapalbhati

Knowledge: essence from Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta  Yoga sutras of Paatanjali Hatha yoga pradeepika

Basic ayurveda- 5 elements, 3 dosha, 6 tastes. Understanding of balancing through food, lifestyle, and yoga practice

Based on the above, a certificate is issued mentioning the same.

yoga teacher training India