Yoga Retreats

For those who wish to understand yoga as the flow of life force, prana, a path to our spiritual selves and for inner awareness.

Customized plans for stress managment and health issues are also designed by us. Caution note however – please do not expect abilities to compete with circus artistes, acrobats, or gymnasts. This is what we do not do – to be competitive and attempting challenging feats in the name of yoga. Before we entertain a request for the wellness holiday, we would like to have details of the person wishing to avail the same viz. age, medical fitness, relevant personal, social and professional details, as also the reason for choosing this plan. This helps us work out a suitable customized plan for the guest.

Recommended Duration –  7 days or more A typical retreat daily schedule can be as follows:

Two sessions of practices of yogasana techniques, each from two to three hours duration. (allowance is made for limited practice for those who request thus) The retreat also features the following: Appreciation and Use of Ayurveda in Daily living Spiritual discourses & Satvik Lifestyle Management Counselling -PARAAMARSH -session of lifestyle management counselling to help them unite their principle objectives in life with such lifestyle that contributes to their health, peace and happiness. (optional)

The guests also have the opportunity to AGNIHOTRA – participate in the Agnihotra ceremony (offering of herbal oblations into fire along with mantra recitation) – the sound vibrations generated by the mantras and the fumes from the fire are beneficial to health SNEHANA – Ayurvedic/ acupressure massage of 45 minutes (optional and on payment basis ) SATVIK CUISINE. As per the ancient texts, meals are prepared which are nourishing, vegetarian and suited to a yoga practitioner.

Price: mentioned in USD, when one USD equalled INR sixty three. When the USD to INR rate changes the below mentioned price would accordingly change.

Price : USD 100 per day on single occupancy and USD 170 per day on double occupancy. This includes accommodation in a double bedded,  bathroom attached independent room – with a private balcony to lounge overlooking a 270 degree panoramic view of the mountains .It also includes vegetarian / vegan Satvik meals and other features mentioned in the plan except massages, which are chargeable separately.

Time for plan – based on availability from February 15th to December 15th of an year.