Wendy Billie

Yoga Teacher and Coach, New Hampshire USA

Wendy Billie, Certified Yoga Teacher and Coach
Prior to studying at Satvik Sadan, Wendy Billie was employed as a training and development professional with a large Fortune 100 corporation. Given her fast-paced life, she was drawn to yoga to help her find balance and to prevent her from ‘spinning out of control’. Now being a trained yoga teacher and experienced life/executive coach, she has taken her business experience and passion for yoga and created unique personal-transformation classes.
Wendy’s classes are ideal for people who seek intensity while also understanding the importance of rejuvenation for professional and personal success. When you work with Wendy and her high spirited energy, you will learn to use your natural adrenaline while safely and quickly bringing your body to Zen- state of mediation. Wendy currently teaches her yoga and coaching infused classes, which she calls AdrenaZen, to business and graduate students at Dartmouth University. Wendy plans to expand her class offerings and also intends to return to the professional leadership development arena. Contact Wendy Billie if you would like to bring an AdrenaZen program to your business.

Note from Shukl’acharya – Wendy Billie is an extremely hardworking person. With a herculean effort she transcended the cultural barrier between the west and India, in her first ever visit. She learnt not only yoga from a therapy point of view, but studied, relevant ayurveda, yoga aand Vedic philosophy. She worked on all aspects of yoga, mantra yoga, bhakti yoga, karma yoga and of course hatha and raj yoga. She learnt various yogic and satvik detox techniques as well as Vedic cuisine.

I can say with all honesty that it would be a privelge for someone to learrn from her.