Valerie Moselle

Yoga Teacher, Santa Cruz California USA

Valerie Moselle, 
Valerie Moselle had been teaching yogasana in California for four years before she came to Shukl’acharya in the fall of 2006′
Her keeness to pursue the line of yoga further, to understand the role of ‘pranayama’ the philosophy, the cuisine and lifestyle in the unfolding of yoga inspired us to share all that was possible in the short duration of a few months.
What was very interesting about Valerie when we met, was that she had a close knit small family with a daughter less than an year old, a successful professional for a husband and yet instead of taking it easy and enjoying her Indian holiday like most would, she spent all possible time in her pursuit of yogic and vedic studies with us.
She has two daughters now and yet she devotes time to guide and help aspiring yogis.
If you are looking for a sincere guide, counsellor, yoga teacher in Santa Cruz, Shukl’acharya  highly recommends Valerie Moselle.