Valerie Moselle California

Valerie Moselle a senior yoga teacher from California USA, had visited with her husband Nicholas while the latter was on a brief assignment with Sapien Technologies, India in 2006.

One of the biggest challenges for us in India was finding peace in the bustle and toil of this amazing and unusual place.  There seem to be few stops where one can actually step into the beauty and complexity of India’s kaleidoscopic heritage without also being bombarded by the noise, congestion, garbage, pollution, and often well-meaning but invasive (by Western standards anyway) trades-people.  Thanks to the care and vision of Shukl’acharya and Samrita, The Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre in Bhimtal was just the thoughtful and peaceful refuge we were aching for.  For us it was the perfect place to unwind from the hectic nature of our other travels.  The surrounding mountains are lush and beautiful.  There is green everywhere.  The Retreat is situated up off the roadside where the air is clean, and its terraced orientation, broad porches, and architectural design make it comfortable and breezy, with every room oriented to the view of the valley below and the mountains opposite (including Hairakhand Kailash).  The rooms are simple and clean, with an Indian feel and Western comforts.

Upon our arrival we were greeted with sweet holy basil tea and invited to relaxed on the terrace and take in the view.  Later we enjoyed Ayurvedic massage treatments, and a walk around the small lake in Bhimtal.  Hosted by Shri Murli Mohan Shukla we were given insight to the spiritual and historical significance of the concept behind the Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre as well as invited to participate in some of the Vedic rituals, including the Agnihotra.

One of the things that is most memorable about Shuklacharya’s Retreat & Spiritual Centre is the food.  Samrita’s Satvik kitchen serves healthy, fresh, deliciously prepared cuisine.  The meals are light and satisfying, as well as being in line with the values of Ayurvedic food preparation for health and vitality.  My favorite was the rice pudding, bathed overnight in the light of the full moon.

I would not hesitate to recommend this retreat for individuals or groups traveling in India.  Especially for those seeking yoga, and physical or spiritual rejuvenation.

Thank you so much for your hospitality, care and attention. We appreciate all of the effort that has gone into creating this peaceful place.

We return home rested and happy.

Sincerely, Valerie Moselle along with husband Nick, and daughter, Poppy.


Valerie Moselle California