Samrita’s Vedic Lifestyle Counselor Course (8 weeks)

Those who wish to learn and practice the role of appropriate food and lifestyle for good health, peace and harmony as per tenets of ancient Ayurveda as handed down in India from one generation to the next.

Only one person or couple is enrolled for this course.

Disclaimer: This residential course in no way is a substitute for the professional Ayurveda courses run by the Indian colleges under the ministry of education. Neither does it qualify one to medically treat himself or anyone else.The purpose of this course is to enable those wishing to be in harmony with nature and guiding similar minded persons

Samrita Shukla, brings to you, experiences and knowledge earned from a lifetime of Vedic living. To share her knowledge, she offers this course to dedicated seekers.


The two months residential course comprises the following

Introduction to the ancient Ayurveda as handed down in India from one generation to the next.

Determining body constitution – understanding the doshas, pitta, vata and kapha,and how to regain balance in them.

How to be in harmony with internal and external nature

Managing one’s health through food and lifestyle

Practical cooking – how food can be modified to suit different constitutional types, (balancing the doshas)

Some traditionally practiced simple Indian remedies to counter common health problems.

The stay requires a high degree of self discipline. Satvik Sadan does not allow any form of tobacco or intoxicants. Simple vegetarian, nutritious meals are prepared here, no outside food is permitted.

You can ask us for a detailed information sheet covering daily schedule and curriculum For this email us with some details about yourself as well.

Price: mentioned in USD, when one USD equalled INR sixty three. When the USD to INR rate changes the below mentioned price would accordingly change.

Price   USD 4500 per month

We provide independent room accommodation with attached modern toilet and shower, vegetarian food and laundry services. We do not provide any medication, hair dryer or toilet rolls.

Time :   session from 15th of June 2014. As such the course dates are published in the website however you can write to us for other specific time schedule which may be convenient to you. We are willing to go the extra mile to disseminate knowledge .at mutually convenient dates. Please write indicating your possible dates.

You can opt to directly email us at our contact email to receive our questionnaire or fill up and submit the form beneath. All information would be treated as secure and private and shall not be shared with any external party.

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