Samrita, Shukl’acharya’s wife, too is carrying out spiritual and yogasana practices since a young age, she learnt various aspects of ancient Indian yoga from Shukl’acharya and has long been a practitioner . Her contribution to Satvik Sadan is invaluable.

Like Shukl’acharya, Samrita too was interested in practical aspects of Vedanta. She regularly attended Bal Vihar classes conducted by Chinmaya Mission from 74′-78′ and in 1980 she herself conducted Bal Vihar classes for Chinmaya Mission in Hyderabad .

Samrita has expertise in the art of Vedic cooking, which is an essential aspect of Satvik principle. She specializes in determining the prakruti and ritu -based diet appropriate for an individual. ( Prakruti – in Aurveda refers to the ratio in which the five elements; viz: air, space, fire, water and earth, have come to exist in the individual. Ritu refers to the season; viz: spring, summer, autumn, rains and winter.

She set up the kitchen for Manipur Restaurant at Satvik Sadan , Bhimtal and trained the staff in Satvik food preparation.