Nino Margvelashvili

Yoga Teacher, Georgia USA

Well,my name is Nino Margvelashvili Bates.I’m a journalist and linguist  with the passion in yoga.
I live with my son in Calhoun,Georgia,USA at 107 Bristol Place
Calhoun,GA 30701
Phone number 513 673 1303
E-mail address is this one and

I took interest in yoga while being a student at the university.

I stopped working as a TV journalist after the birth of my son  moved to the state of Georgia from New York City and started teaching yoga at Rome,GA YMCA.

I am a certified Hatha yoga teacher with the International Yoga Institute.

I visiited India and stayed with you in Satvik in the summer of 2008.I learned a lot from Samrita and Shukl’acharya about the Ayurveda,yoga and indian philosophy.I took a short course in Sanskrit to learn the names of asanas in Sanskrit as well as read Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras Mahabharatta and Bagavad Gita as part of the epic.

I have a degree in nursing and that helps me to properly understand the medical benefitsof asanas.I strongly beleive that the ancient system of yoga has the ability to provide all the benefits that any regular exercise routine provides and much more.It strengthens and tones the body plusstills and focuses the mind.It increses the endorphin levels and that provides feel good feeling.

Yoga requires the body and mind to be united and engaged in the same activity.During the yoga class the body is moved mindfully through a series of postures.During the Gym session mind is focused on results rather than the process.Yoga promotes flexibility,ensuring that spinal column,joints and muscles move freely.In the gym muscles can can become fatigued and tight.The slow and controlled breathing during the yoga class will provide focus,mental peace and increase oxygen levels in the body.In the gym the breathing often speeds up,mind races oxygen supply to the body is limited.This results in tired muscles.Yoga also encourages spiritual growth.