Leana Kay

Yoga Teacher, Sydney Australia


Leana K [leana.kb@gmail.com]
Leana Kay is adept at basic and intermediate hatha yoga postures and can teach the same to those enrolled in her class. Namely, Surya Namaskaar, energy release postures corresponding to pawan mukta series1,(anti rheumatic) 2, (abdominal and digestive) and 3. (nerves and muscle strengthening) Backward bends, like Bhujang, Ardha Shalabh, Dhanur Supt Vajrasana Chakra and Ushtrasana. Forward bends like Nauka, Sarvaangasana, Halasana.

Leana has also learnt pranayama techniques of anuloma viloma, nadi shodhana, kapal bhati, bhastrika and bhramari

Leana has learnt mantra chanting and can conduct mantra yoga sessions of ‘aum namaha shivai’

Leana Kay has practiced meditation and regulaly attended the agnihotra, fire ceremony.

Leana was found particularly suitable for therapeutic application of hatha yoga. She has an excellent way of imparting therapeutic hatha yoga.

We wish Leana Kay the very best for her yoga teaching. We highly recommend her.