Jacqueline George Yoga Teacher, New South Wales

Jackie George Yoga Teacher, Salamander Bay, NSW Australia

Jackie was certified by Shukl’acharya in May 2009′

Jacqueline George is adept at basic and intermediate hatha yoga postures.  She can teach the same to those enrolled in her class. Namely, Surya Namaskaar,  the sun salutation postures. Also energy release postures.  Also backward bends, like Bhujang, (cobra) Ardha Shalabh,(locust) Dhanur ( bow) Supt Vajrasana and Ushtrasana (camel). Forward bends like Nauka,(boat) Sarvaangasana (shoulder stand), Halasana (plough).

Jacqueline also has learnt pranayama techniques of anuloma viloma, nadi shodhana, kapal bhati, bhastrika and bhramri

Jacqueline George has learnt mantra chanting and can conduct mantra yoga sessions of ‘aum namaha shivai’

Jacqueline has used her skills of landscaping, in doing karma yoga here, which has been well appreciated.

Jacqueline has also studied the works of scholars on Jnana yoga.

Jacqueline has practiced meditation daily after the agni yoga, fire ceremony.

We wish Jacqueline George the very best for her yoga teaching.

Jackie wrote a little note to be shared with those looking at our website: Being drawn to yoga and meditation for a few years now, I was offered to teach the yoga classes in town and to take over from my local teacher as she planned to be abroad for a couple of years.
While I was happy to take up this offer, I felt I needed to bolster my knowledge and experience of yoga by taking up a proper training programme. I lloked up yoga centres in India naturally. Though I picked up Satvik Sadan as it made the most sense to me, my well wishers were wary of my choosing a yoga centre simply based on the website and guest comments.
Having completed a month’s training programme, I wish to share my experience with others planning a trip to Satvik Sadan, a place I fully recommend to anyone wishing to be there for any programme on offer. I assure you that you’ll be cared for whatever your need is, in the most comfortable, professional, caring and picturesque surroundings.

to contact Jackie phone 409 503509 or email jackiegeorge@live.com.au